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Auditing company's logistics system

It is an independent service, which is, in fact, expert assessment of the customer's logistics chain. The following elements of the logistics chain are considered: supply management, warehousing: storage, assembling and shipping orders, delivery management. The outcome of the service is a detailed status report and detailed proposals on process improvement.

Logistics audit is an unbiased assessment of all the aspects of the company's supply chain, including relationships with vendors and customers, planning, procedures, document control, logistics infrastructure, quality control and relevance of logistics costs to the local market conditions.

Basic steps of logistics audit include:

  • Diagnostics of the company's logistics system
  • Identifying problem areas of the company's logistics system
  • Defining opportunities for logistics system improvement
  • Developing plans for new technology implementation

A resulting document includes:

  • Summarized statistics on dynamics of goods traffic and indicators of logistics system and its elements
  • Efficiency processed with the use of SPSS
  • An analytical part
  • A consolidated book of business process maps
  • A presentation of the study outcomes

Logistics audit allows to discover sources of excessive logistics costs, optimize the company's logistics system, and improve financial performance of companies through logistics function improvement.

Prior to building a logistics chain; selecting a transport company, warehouse, customs broker; and defining goods delivery route, one should understand the current logistics system of the company. Logistics audit provides the company with complete information necessary to make an informed and financially justified decision aiming at logistics system improvement and business efficiency increase.


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