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Warehouse logistics

The well-developed system of warehouse services enables the customers to focus their working capital and resources on core activities without the need to be concerned about warehouse lease and all the problems relating to organizing its operations.


If you apply to INTERSERVICE GROUP LOGISTIC, you will receive the complete package of services not only on custody of your goods, but also a great deal of additional benefits. We will find a convenient warehouse for you in St.Petersburg; offer options for your selection that fit your goods in terms of storage conditions, location, services provided, and other specific requirements.

Across the warehouse logistics system, we will ensure efficient and coherent work:

  • acceptance of goods
  • placement of goods
  • storage of goods
  • assembling orders, reassembling
  • unpacking, repacking
  • shipment of goods


All those operations will be performed smoothly and highly efficiently for you. To ensure effective tracking information about goods status, managers of INTERSERVICE GROUP LOGISTIC will provide you with convenient and transparent accompanying documentation.


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